Replica Coin Information

Replica Coin Information
What are Replica Shipwreck Coins?

Our replica shipwreck coins are reproductions of actual spanish coins that were salvaged from shipwrecks of the Atocha and 1715 Fleet. Our replicas make owning a piece of this exciting history possible at an affordable price. Each coin is set in a custom bezel and ready to wear.

Why Replicas are an Ideal Choice

The number one reason for buying a replica is the affordability. Authentic coins can run you thousands of dollars depending on size and quality. When buying a replica, you have the satisfaction of owning an almost identical copy of a shipwreck coin at a much lower cost. The difference between your coin and an authentic coin is nearly impossible to see with your naked eye.

Why Buy Your Replica Coin From Us?

There are many reasons why our customers benefit from buying from us but among one of the top reasons is quality. Each piece on our website is crafted and finished by hand and personally inspected for any imperfections. Crisol Jewelry's owner and jeweler, Edwin Gonzalez, has been dealing in shipwreck coins for 15 years and has been a bench jeweler for more than 25 years. Edwin is experienced in bezeling and is educated in how to properly deal with the coins. All of our jewelry is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Each customer's satisfaction is what keeps our business going and is always our top priority. Along with quality, we proudly manufacture all of our sterling silver jewelry which makes our prices extremely low compared to secondhand dealers.

We Have Shipwreck Coins You Won't Find Anywhere Else

Being our own manufacturer and having years of experience under our belt has given us the freedom to create and produce our own designs. Our bezels are all custom made and designed by us. You won't find these one of kind designs anywhere else!

Take Comfort in Our No Hassle Return Policy

We do our best to provide all the information needed so you know what you're purchasing but we understand that holding the piece in your hand can be completely different than looking at it over the internet. Take comfort in knowing that Crisol Jewelry's return policy is a no hassle return policy. We accept returns no questions asked. All that we request from our customers is that the piece be returned in the same condition as received.

We encourage any questions you may have regarding our Replica Shipwreck Coins. Please email your questions to and we will happily respond. Emails are checked and answered daily.